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Laser Application Robots

Robots for laser application:  Special products,wide applications

Well known for the quality of its products and services, Stäubli has developed a standard package comprising of a robot, its controller, SP1, peripherals equipment communication module, the LasMAN and VALaser professional software. Cutting, welding, cladding, texturing and surface treatment…for each need in laser field, we have the matching response.

Features and Benefits

High speed with accurate trajectoryStäubli patented reduction gear system (JCS and JCM) provides with unrivalled precision, flexibility and speed for even demanding small round circles and complex 3D form processing.
High efficiency, low energy consumptionCompared with the traditional laser cutting machine, Stäubli robots equipped with laser generator needs less investment, but a shorter recovery period. Low energy consumption, small footprint, low maintenance.
High flexibility and applicabilitySimply reprogram the robot for different product demand and small batch production. Multiple mounting configurations (floor, ceiling and wall) bring adaptability and flexibility of cell design.
Safety and reliability It is of high reliability with closed structure and all the cables in the internal arm. Rating IP65 for the arm and IP67 for the wrist, easy to clean and use in hostile laser environment. Rigid structure for better dynamic performance.
Advanced functions Hardware-specific modules, support laser PWM dynamic control and dynamic control of laser pulse frequency, control function of laser pressure, dynamic servo sensitivity.
User-friendlinessDedicated software LasMAN interfaces on Windows with simple, friendly and powerful UI. It supports dynamic adjustment of laser parameters and extension of external axix and other peripheral devices, as well as import of offline software tracking and editing function.
Basic laser software VALaser is optional for SP1 based on Stäubli VAL3 operation system. Easy approach to teaching, simulation, editing and integrating.


2 RX160 laser cutting for thermoforming parts of car B-pillar

  • Precise fiber laser cutting for frames, holes and so on.
  • High speed increases efficiency and reduces thermal deformation.
  • Flexible programming adapts to different requirements
  • Low cost system solution suitable for big batch application

RX160L Engineering machinery sheet metal parts laser cutting

  • 3D laser cutting of engineering machinery metal sheet.
  • Gantry frame structure and large working envelop allows big workpiece or multi-position cutting
  • High efficiency, twice the speed as the traditional laser cutting machine.
  • Compact and rigid structure reduces the cost of gantry frame.

TX90 Automotive plastic parts laser cutting
JENOPTIK-VOTAN C BIM laser cutting system

  • Specifically designed for automotive injection molded parts cutting and deburring
  • Users simply connect the necessary power lines through integrating laser beam guiding devices in the robot
  • This reduces cycle times and significantly improves accuracy and flexibility
  • Require less space and significantly reduce the time and cost required for the transportation and installation

TX90L laser welding and cladding

  • Open control system allows traceability and MES integration
  • Extremely short cycle times, low costs over the whole life cycle
  • Enclosed structure, high protection level, particle-free working
  • High flexibility

Application video

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