Stäubli Robotics - Meeting the requirements of each industry

Provide high performance in all areas: this principle governs the development of Stäubli solutions, satisfying all requirements. Designed to work in the most hostile environments as well as cleanrooms, Stäubli robots demonstrate their efficacy under all conditions. Wherever speed, compactness, precision and reliability are demanded, Stäubli has the matching response -  whatever the industry sector or the type of application.

General industry

Handling, assembly, processes requiring complex trajectories, palletizing, cleaning.

Laser applications

Robotic solutions geared to laser applications, featuring high speed, excellent path performance capabilities, and professional laser software.


These sealed robots can carry the wash jet or the machined part and are resistant to water as well as many chemical solutions, in acid or alkaline environment.


Added value press tending.


Lacquer stripping, varnishing, powder application etc.

Food industry

High performance handling, cutting and palletizing of food products.


Semi-conductors, flat screens, assemblies, surface treatments.

Life science

Laboratory automation, research, injection moulding, medical equipment production, sterile environment installations.


Machine tool tending, three-dimensional measurement, marking, de-burring, polishing, high pressure stripping, welding and laser cutting etc.

Special applications

Stäubli robots perform under the most extreme conditions ranging from subclass 1 clean rooms to very demanding environments, involving explosives, dust, food processing or the maintenance of sterility standards.